higan maintains a “game library” containing all the games you’ve played.

  • In Windows, the default location of the game library is the Emulation folder inside your profile folder (To find your profile folder, press Win+R to open the Run dialog, then type %USERPROFILE% and press Enter).
  • In Linux, the default location of the game library is the Emulation directory inside your home directory.
  • On all platforms, the game library location can be configured. See Moving the Game Library below.

Inside the library directory there is a subdirectory for each system, and inside each system directory are the game folders for each imported game.

For more information about game folders, see Why game folders? and What’s in a game folder? below.

Moving the game library

Moving the game library is a little complicated, because there’s two parts to it: telling icarus where to put imported games, and telling higan where to find them.

  1. If necessary, create the folder you want higan to use as its game library.
  2. Launch icarus, then click the “Settings …” button in the lower-right, to open the Settings dialog.
  3. Click the “Change …” button on the right. A filesystem browser window will appear, allowing you to choose where imported games will be stored.
  4. Launch higan, then from the Settings menu, choose “Configuration …” to open the Configuration dialog.
  5. Click the Advanced tab then click the “Change …” button. A filesystem browser will appear, allowing you to choose the same directory again.