higan [--fullscreen] [PATH]


TODO: Put NTSC-J|, NTSC-U| or PAL| at the beginning of the path to force a region for consoles where it can’t be detected.

When launched with --fullscreen, higan will automatically enter full-screen mode when it starts. This is not much use unless you also specify PATH, because you won’t be able to load a game until you exit full-screen mode by pressing the “Toggle Fullscreen” hotkey.

When PATH is the path to an existing game folder for any supported console, that game will be loaded when higan starts.

When PATH is the path to a ROM file for any supported console, it will be imported into a game folder in the Game Library, and then loaded from there when higan starts.


Play a previously-imported copy of Super Mario World in full-screen (assuming Linux defaults):

higan --fullscreen ~/Emulation/"Super Famicom"/"Super Mario World.sfc"